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    Strip down to simple. #DressNormal 

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    CH-47 not crashing, but towing 

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  4. emexezidis:

    Patras, Greece, from the stairs of Agiou Nikolaou.

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    Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin at the premiere of the movie “City Lights”. Hollywood, California 1931.

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    Can you imagine a portrait series where you pretend to be a part of a family you’re not? It’s exactly the idea behind Czech photographer Dita Pepe's latest series.

    In Self Portraits With Men, Dita uses photography to imagine how different her life would be if she’d chosen various partners.

    Self-Portrait Series Imagines Life With Dozens of Different Partners

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    .kids love gaite ‘leather double monk’ 

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    Foot Patrol x Reebok The Pump Certified - Order Online at Sneakersnstuff

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    The Moon by Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, appropriately named after the legendary Japanese moon princess Kaguya-hime.

    Want want want.


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